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Automatically Incentivize Customers Like Never Before

Active Cart Shopify App

Reward customers with more than free shipping, automatically!

Active Cart is a Shopify Application that offers store owners another opportunity to differentiate from the giants, like Amazon, Wayfair and, eBay with purchase based incentives.

Active Cart for the first time allows you the store owner to reward users for purchasing with you with Free or Discounted Products! Don't just offer customers Free Shipping anymore after spending a certain amount on your store. Offer Products.

Active Cart Shopify App now offers you the store owner unlimited possibilities on optimizing for conversions with value-added incentives.

Reward customers with more than free shipping, automatically!

  • Proven Method to Earn More

  • Worry Less About Adding
    Incentivized Items to Orders

  • Show Customers their Earned
    Rewards as they Checkout

  • No Freebies Unless Actually Earned

Active Cart app

Free Plan
☑️ Reward Customers
☑️ Run 1 Campaign
☑️ Buy X Get Y Offer Type Only
Premium Plan
☑️ Free Plan +
☑️ Unlimited Simultaneous Campaigns
☑️ Unlimited Automatically Added Product Options
☑️ Spend $X Get Y Offer Type

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